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Artist Statement

Since the beginning of my undergraduate career as an art student at Loyola Marymount University, my work has consisted mainly of paintings and sculptures that explore concepts which are deeply connected to my personal life.

My paintings are done primarily in acrylic on canvas or watercolor, and usually consist of portraits, still lives, or animals.  Most of my paintings were completed when I was an art student, or as commissioned projects.

During my time at LMU, I developed a passion in multimedia and performance sculpture, which is also prominent in my work.  The types of media I use most of the time are wood, ceramic, paint, and found objects.  I am interested in life-size and large-scale sculpture, with which I attempt to create a sensual experience for the viewer by emphasizing colors, textures, or even subtle noises and scents.  The formal exhibition of some of my wood and liquid sculptures require a one-time-only performance, in which liquid is released from a chamber and thus creating organic designs of color and texture on a monochromatic surface.  The objects are simple and minimal in form and color to emphasize the tangibility and purity of the materials at hand. However, their conceptual premises are rich in meaning and content, often relating to my personal struggles dealing with identity and intimate relationships, or to social issues I am concerned about.


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