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Studio Time

Work, work, work…

While taking advantage of studio time at LMU, I have started working on a sculpture from a new series of sketches, called “11”.

This series consists of 5 sculptures so far.  It is a body of work that reflects my love life with my husband for the past 11 years, mostly focusing on the ups and downs, emotions, and obstacles we faced throughout our relationship.  Growing up together as a young couple created a sense of spontaneity, vulnerability, and confusion that has driven us to draw on past experiences in order to learn how to love each other better and mature as individuals.  These new sketches were inspired by my reflection of the past and a hope for a lasting future filled with peace and clarity.

The piece I am working on now is called “Heart Strings”, which is basically a hand crafted wire cage with 11 white strings tied across the inside of it.  The cage will be constructed using old dry cleaning hangers.  The white strings will be dipped in costume blood, some rinsed out and showing only the residue.

Right now, my task is to disassemble and stretch out over 400 dry cleaning hangers.  So far I’m done with about half of that.

In the meantime, I am using up my spare time to apply for some art-related jobs and plan for a solo show sometime at the end of the year.  So far, no luck on finding a proper venue to display my work.


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