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My trip to New York

At Mindy Shapero's "Breaking Open of the Heads" solo show reception

The four days I spent in New York were amazing!  It wasn’t long enough! I stayed with my friend Chloe in the Upper West Side, learned how to use the metro system to get around the city, and ate yummy New York bagels and pizza.  I didn’t get to watch a musical or visit the Guggenheim Museum as I had hoped, but it’s definitely an excuse to go back!
I went to Mindy Shapero’s opening reception at the Marianne Boesky Gallery in Chelsea, and attended the private dinner afterward.  I reunited with Mindy and a couple of the other interns, Merry and Charlie.  We were glad to see that all the pieces came together so well, and proud to know we each had a hand in all the work.
The gallery was right next to The High Line, an old railway that has been turned into a beautiful modern park.  I ventured there after the dinner with Charlie and his friend.  It was a great way to see New York City at night.
I had a great time in the Big Apple and can’t wait to visit again.
Check out this link to my Facebook photo album of my trip:  New York

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