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Spark of Inspiration

A miracle has happened and I am happy to report that I have eight more pages in my sketchbook full of new ideas and sketches for art pieces!

Going to those art exhibitions this past week really helped spark some inspiration.

I went with my friend Natasha to “Art in the Streets” at MOCA.  It was interesting to see how art is brought from the streets into the gallery space. I am inspired by street artists because they don’t hold back when it comes to creative self expression, and their art in many ways becomes intrusive yet remains brutally honest.

I was also lucky to see the thesis work by the CSUN MFA and MA students. The level of craftsmanship and presentation of all the work was impressive.  I loved reading all the students’ artist statements because it helped to understand their thought process and make a connection between the artist, the art, and the viewer.

Side note about my visit to CSUN… I had the opportunity to tour the art department facilities, which got me excited because not only are the studios spacious, there is one building designated for individual artist offices/spaces where students are assigned a small private studio space to call their own for the duration of their studies. I also met the sculpture professor, Christian Tedeschi, who I heard great things about from Tom Muller. I told him I was interested in making large scale sculptures and he said there is a space in the back of the studios that would be perfect for that purpose and no one has taken advantage of it yet. Sounds like this program has my name written all over it so far!

While driving back home from CSUN, so many ideas started brewing in my head. I asked myself, “What do I have to bring to the art world that’s different and inspiring?”…”How can I share my experiences and ideas with others in a profound way?”  I wanted to push myself to think past just making a statement about society’s shortfalls or producing art that just looks cool.  Immediately, I felt transformed and began to see myself as an individual.  I thought about all the times I’ve questioned myself and looked back at the factors that shaped my decisions.  My best work from college was inspired by my relationships with people in my life at the time, so why not continue that by drawing inspiration from what I am going through in my life now?  Aha!  That’s it!  I’ll do a series, possibly called “Growing Pains”, to express my experience of being shoved into the real world after college, a harsh reality of responsibility, obligation, and emotional drama!  So many ideas and concepts were flowing, I couldn’t wait to get home and pull out my sketchbook!

I realized this week, that I worried too much about what I thought other people might want to see in my art, rather than simply asking myself, “What do I want to say, and how am I going to say it?” Art has no context without the artist.  If I start making art just based on what I think people like or prefer, I would be running circles around myself all day.  I would have no presence in my art.  Ultimately people appreciate art, even if it is intrusive like street art or outrageously abstract and beautiful like some of the CSUN students’ work, because the artist has a deep passionate connection with their art and when it’s personal it’s unique.

So I just have to let loose and go for it!  Which is why I’m having a little art party with Natasha this Wednesday to throw paint on canvases Jackson Pollock style.   😉


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